Vegan master class 16th and 17th of March

Offering an opportunity to learn new, inspired life skills and enhance the way we eat, cook and live. Finding the balance between health and indulgence…Discover the beauty of plant-based food…leave your preconceived notions at the door – it’s time to cook, eat, smile

This is the perfect time to have a change in yourself or in your loved ones, with a new year being celebrated, a new era being created. There is no better time to start than right NOW to except and offer your body and what goes into it a little more Tender Loving Care

Did you know that food speaks to us?
It speaks to our hearts and Soul
It Speaks to our guts.
Food can reel us into a distant past or conjure up a person or place in our minds.

Also, we speak through food.
Cooking a special meal might be a message of love for friends or family.
Just as sharing food can help us see each other in new ways,

Natasha is offering 2 whole days to be with her in a small group of wise and wonderful people
She is going to share her knowledge and wisdom - combined with spiritual eating habits to you, on a personal intermate level. (this will include meditations, blessings and gratitude)

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