Just been out in the garden and have found that some varmint has been digging up our plants.

Not really sure what it is yet .as there are no real signs to show what it could be .

Done a little internet "digging" and have found some plants and flowers that rabbits do not find appealing. In fact an important part of permaculture is using plants to deter unwanted guests often of the insect kind but I had not considered using it for larger pests. It looks like I really need to mix in some of my herbs with the veg as while we have a large herb garden they are at the other side of the garden.


Plant rosemary around the edges of your garden, or around the plants rabbits target. The leaves of the plant can be toxic to rabbits. Not all rosemary varieties will poison a rabbit, but the smell warns them away.


Sage leaves are poisonous to rabbits. In fact, it goes well with rabbit. So, plant some sage in your garden to help deter rabbits,


Begonias are a flowering perennial plant that numbers more than 1,500 species. There are several major groups of begonias that are helpful with ridding your garden of rabbits since they will not eat them. While the begonia is not likely to hurt the rabbit if it nibbles the flowers or leaves of a begonia, they simply appear not to be on the menu. The sight or smell of these plants must be unappealing to the rabbit since they will avoid them as a source of food.

Habanero Peppers

Rabbits like carrots and other mild flavoured crunchy snacks and tend to enjoy eating new leaves that are very tender. Meanwhile, bigger, thicker, strong flavoured plants, such as habanero peppers repel rabbits.